The Rena Nicole Show has rapidly become THE place for people who are seeking alternatives and resources that speak to their values and love for our planet. Whether viewers are implementing their own systems of reducing, reusing or recycling, learning what “Back to Earth” really means, visiting some of the locations and programs Rena Nicole travels to, or interfacing with The Rena Nicole Show on Facebook or Twitter, The Rena Nicole Show inspires viewers to be a part of the global solution to every environmental woe, making the world a better place for every living creature to thrive.

"Hi! I'm Rena Nicole. I'm an actress, model, singer and voice-over talent. And I live an organic, mostly-raw, veganish lifestyle. I want to encourage people to make conscious choices about their lives. You can decide to live your life however you choose, but if you have the knowledge to make educated decisions about the things you purchase and the food you put in your body, then your one step ahead in creating for yourself and others a reality that can be more healthy and harmonious. " I'm not some tree-hugging hippie, nor am I just another pretty talking-head. I'm an authentic , honest, social ActivArtist who brings communities together by keeping our wilderness wild and our resources plentiful. After years of wandering this planet, I've created trusting relationships with some of the most innovative green businesses, conscious food producers and celebrities who believe in the power of media to make the world a better place. I want to show you where you can go to get the clothes you actually want, the food your body really needs, and the planet-protecting products I know you'll crave!" - Rena Nicole