(UPCOMING EPISODE) A Live Chit Chat W/ World Renown Chef Susan Teton!

If you’ve watched the vibrant and lively OnLine Episode where Rena Nicole interviews Joe Rare on his diet method using Vibrant Life HCG, then you'll LOVE the up-coming OnLocation Episode on the Rena Nicole Show! Featuring world-renown Chef Susan Teton of the Essential Cuisine DVD series, on location in Maui, the episode will explore the chef’s cooking and healthier innovations in food preparation.

Susan believes that food and nourishment should be one of the central aspects of life, and how this life can be better served if we serve ourselves up with some great, organic, whole foods. Here is a chef that cooks for both the body and the palate, while maintaining respect for all life on earth. Hear and see the details of this plant-based chef and her healthier ways of delicious nourishment on the interview with our very own Rena Nicole, YOUR “go-to girl for all things green”. Stay tuned for our 2nd episode to post on www.renanicoleshow.com this coming Tuesday! Feed on this new knowledge of sustenance – and digest!

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